DISCLAIMER: Some SFX in the web version is broken, if it's too annoying we assure you the downloadable build is working correctly. Thank you!

You love to travel, drink tea and play D&D. Drinking different teas enhance your D&D experiences. Upon returning from your travels and discovering the most enigmatic tea, you prepare for your next D&D session.

Little did you know that this tea will completely change your perception of the dice and the game.

Next thing you know you wake up on the floor of a dungeon, you can no longer speak, your hands are tingling and your thoughts are only six symbols wide. Your brain is replaced with dice and different orbs appear in your hand every time you shake your head. You can throw these orbs all around you.

You realize that the world around you has completely changed and a glowing red symbol starts approaching you...

Heatley Bros

Full GDD for anyone interested on this LINK.


Dicegeon.zip 33 MB

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